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Life isn’t always bright and shiny, as Kate Bowler knows. Kate is a young mother, writer and professor who, at age 35, was suddenly diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. In warm, insightful, often funny conversations, Kate talks with people about what they’ve learned in difficult times.

Music That Makes Us

with Fred Penner

Fred Penner is a Canadian sensation whose television show and hit songs were part of so many of our childhoods, but I didn’t realize the heartache he experienced that led him to this work. His gentle wisdom and songs have invited us—children and adults alike—to stay curious and kind in a hard world.

Every Family Has a Story

with Julia Samuel

Julia Samuel is a psychologist in the UK who specializes in working with families who have experienced complicated stories of loss and love. So often we can feel overwhelmed by our histories – our family histories – and need a boost to confront dysfunction, speak the truth, and find trusted people to help us look back and look forward.

The Art of Gathering

with Priya Parker

How do we gather in meaningful ways? After the pandemic took apart so many of our favorite ways of hanging out, we might be out of practice. Or too tired or overwhelmed. Listen in to hear Priya Parker share about how to show up for other people and ourselves in creative ways. 

Wounded Healers

with Jay & Katherine Wolf

In the face of impossible circumstances, sometimes the best we can do is learn to love what must be done. Listen in to hear Katherine and Jay Wolf’s tender story of hardworn hope.

More Life, Fewer Explanations

with Stanley Hauerwas

Why doesn’t God fix our pain? Listen in to hear world-renowned theologian Stanley Hauerwas’ thoughts about why Christians are not exempt from difficult circumstances and why people need fewer explanations.

Worthy of Boundaries

with Melissa Urban

How do you know when a boundary is needed? This episode offers practical wisdom on boundary setting in order to manage our limited capacity—especially for those of us navigating chronic pain or illness or caregiving.

Full Circle Faith

with Jeff Chu

How do you find grace for people who believe things very different than you? And what does it look like to make communities a place where you don’t actually have to “fit in” to belong?

Everybody Has Something

with Mary Laura Philpott

Why is it that so much love makes us afraid for all we have to lose? And how does recognizing that everyone has something they are dealing with help us hold our love and fear together?

A Good Funeral

with Thomas Lynch

What do you learn standing so close to the edge with so many people? Listen for wisdom on mortality and hope—like how the habits of love are hard to break and what makes a ‘good funeral’ directly from a thoughtful and funny funeral director himself.

When Success Isn’t Success

with Arthur Brooks

Might success or happiness be redefined after life has forced us off the productivity train? For those of us who find ourselves wondering if we could be more than the sum of our jobs, this conversation is for you.

Showing Your Scars

with Ibram X. Kendi

A terrible diagnosis at any age often creates a sense of urgency. Ibram and Kate discuss how their shared diagnoses put them to work and allows them to honor the fragility of life. 

Suspicious of Joy

with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

How do you pray when you’ve run out of words? In this funny and poignant conversation, the Archbishop shares about seasons of grief when God has carried him and other times when he has felt alone. 

Survival of the Kindest

with Susan Cain

How is it that joy and pain seem to coexist at once? If you ever feel like you didn’t have a word for the sweetness of longing (and why your compassionate heart is a gift), this conversation is for you.

Embracing the Complexity of Pain

with Haider Warraich

If you are someone (or loves someone) who suffers from chronic pain, this episode is for you. Haider talks with such gentleness about when your pain isn’t believed and how doctors can do a better job at treating their patients in pain. 

Remaking Home

with Tara Westover

How do you navigate the baggage of our childhoods? Tara speaks so honestly about why people aren’t “doing their best” and why that fact restores some dignity. 

Mythbusting Parenting

with Cammie McGovern

We often have very romantic expectations about parenthood. Parenthood is about a mythical child who will be perfect in a way we haven’t quite put our finger on, and the journey to love them to teach us something reasonably easy about ourselves. But what if we are not the parents we thought we’d be? Or our kids are not the kids we thought we’d have?

Counting your Somethings

with Mitch Albom

How do we count our blessings without imagining that God is teaching us a cosmic “lesson”? Mitch Albom walks right up to the edge with the complicated questions around grief, loss, and hope. 

Peace for Our Anxious Selves

with Taylor Harris

Everyone loves to get VERY BOSSY when it comes to our fears. “Don’t worry, be happy!” Just be brave! But maybe ‘being brave’ doesn’t mean ignoring our fears but living alongside them. After all, we live in a world that offers us few guarantees, don’t we? 

Tolerating Imperfection

with Kate Baer

Poet Kate Baer found herself inundated with the demands of motherhood, and little time to write. Nothing was easy and then, at a breaking point, it felt impossible. If she wanted a creative life, she was going to have to redefine “perfection” (perfect mom! perfect woman!) and learn to tolerate a lot more imperfection instead.  

Giving Up on Perfect

with Kate Bowler

Good Enough became a little permission slip for us. A little shrug that takes us off the hook for perfection and reminds us that we are human. Again today. Inside fragile bodies and contingent relationships and a whole web of love. 

The Courage to Try (and Wisdom to Know When to Let Go)

with Katie Couric

Katie has so much to teach us about what happens when our problems cannot be easily solved—no matter how hard we try. In this vulnerable conversation, Katie shares candidly about the lengths she went to avoid grief, but why she had to learn to face it nonetheless. We need the courage to try (and the wisdom to stop).