BJ Miller: Loving What Is

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Your Pain is Also Mine

I recently had a dream that I almost drowned in the ocean shallows. I was floating when a massive whirlpool formed beneath me. I tried to get my bearings but I couldn’t swim agai...
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The Cost of Brave Love

Toban says the day he knew I really loved him was the day I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. I had just been told my life was over, and he said he felt something Hallmark should...
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Christmas Is Not Enough

Advent is preparation for the great inversion: God coming to Earth in the form of a human baby; the ruler of the cosmos trapped in a squalling package of helpless flesh. But this C...
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When Love Gets Sticky

It has officially been two years since I was diagnosed, two years of trying to hold lightly to all the things that hold me to my life. But I’m starting to notice how very sticky ...
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