1. Email is not life. Email is not life. Email is not life.
What was the world actually like before automatic refresh? What a sweet time.

2. You can never have enough time with your friends.
Especially relevant in the winter and between the hours of 4 and 11pm.

3. Little treats make you feel like you own a yacht. So, treat yo-self.
Yachts are neat, too.

4. Being outside makes you feel alive. Get out there.
You’re one mountain away from being the new face of the Patagonia 2018 campaign.

5. Your parents really are doing their best.
And it’s pretty damn awesome.

6. Yes, you can use all the 23 face creams on your sink.
Every essential oil combination is a crucial element of your regimen!!!

7. You can walk away from unsafe people.
You deserve this act of love.

8. Ask early and often for help. People usually don’t mind being asked.
From hugs to casseroles, your people will have your back. All you have to do is reach out a hand.

9. The world will not implode if you say no to things you don’t actually want to / have time to do.
See Lesson #1.

10. A margarita is always a good idea.
See Lesson #2.