7 prayers for uncertain times - Kate Bowler

Complicated Grief and Complicated Love with

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There's a strange and terrible feeling that I would not wish on anybody, and it's that feeling of being dangled over the edge. You feel the air blowing and your little toes are creeping right over the edge. There is nothing you can do to save yourself. It's awful. But when you're pulled back from it for a second. It does help you see certain things more clearly, which is this: almost all of us live up close to the edge at some point. We experience a minute of undoing.

Our lives are made of paper and we just didn't know it at the time. And once you see it in your own life, you can see it in everybody else's. You feel broken open to the pain and the suffering and the fragility of it all. Now that we know that it can all come apart, now that we are aware of our fragility.

There will be a rush like a desire to go back to before back to the indestructible version. Instead, we have to learn to live here in uncertainty in the unknowing. Managing the fact that we never get to have that delusional feeling of security. But this is the life that we have. And that is going to take courage and it's going to take compassion. And probably naps to live here. In these bodies, in these families, in these webs of love and duty and not enoughness.

That’s why I’ve put together 7 Prayers for Uncertain Times. May they comfort and hold you when there is nothing else to do but pray. May they give you a bit of courage to live here, in all of your beautiful, terrible humanity again today.

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