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A Blessing for Palm Sunday

They ran eagerly, spreading their cloaks on the road as Jesus came, waving palm branches and shouting  “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” This surely would signal the beginning of their deliverance,  and the ending of their oppression, sorrow, and shame.   What’s this? No mighty horse or chariot? Only […]

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A Blessing for the Body

Blessed is the body that offers soft hugs on hard days. Whose curves fit our pets and our kids and our partners. Whose hands hold another alongside hospital beds and in nursing homes and at the altar and on the first day of school. Whose breasts nurse and legs run to chase littles and whose […]

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A Blessing as Lent Begins

Blessed are you, ready to open yourself to a new joy, a doorway that until now has been hidden.  In this culture of acquisition and gain, blessed are you who desire fresh ears to hear what might be a bit too loud. Who take the next step to turn it down a notch and make […]

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A blessing for Ukraine

God, the unthinkable has happened. Swiftly, relentlessly,by stealth and through open destruction,the peace and beauty of the ordinary,has been shattered in a day. O God of justice and might,We call to you to come and bring this suffering to an end.Comfort these trembling hearts.Shield the vulnerable.Strengthen those with the resources and the resolveto protect what […]

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A Blessing for The In-Between

blessed are we, somewhere unnameable, fully present to our reality. tracking it, with all its subtle gradations and colors and contrasts, the sweetness and the struggle, the stuck and not-quite-fitting. authentic to it, mapping the full strangeness of the new emergent landscape. blessed are we, dear ones, not calling it too soon. not settling for […]

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a blessing for becoming real

Blessed are we who are becoming,who have lived so longin this strange state we call timethat it shows. We are changing,and that’s how we knowwe are alive. Blessed are you who see theevidence of your own becoming,the places where you are wornfrom so much loving. The laugh lines from jokesthat made your belly ache.Crow’s feet […]

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a blessing for the life you have

Blessed are you whohold hope with an open hand.You who try not to fix your gazeon time’s far horizon orget drunk on what might yet be. And blessed are you whoavoid walking too far down memorylane, getting stuck wondering if thatwas as good as it gets,if you’ve peaked,or feeling resentful about all thathas disappointed before. […]

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A blessing for when you want to change (but not become a self-help perfectibility monster)

God, I carry around this incompleteness, this drive for fulfillment that always seems just around the corner. If only I could get it together and find my true calling, my real passion, or the right plan. God, help me, guide me. What am I missing?  Blessed are we who strive earnestly to change ourselves and […]

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a blessing for the brave.

blessed are you, brave one. you who perform big courageous acts of sacrifice. the firefighters and military and activists and doctors and nurses and paramedics. you who move toward danger so the rest of us feel a little more safe.  blessed are you, brave one. you who do small acts of great love. the memory […]

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a blessing for life after loss

blessed are you, who feel the wound of fresh loss. or of the loss… no matter how fresh… that still makes your voice crack all these years later. you who are stuck in the impossibility. frozen in disbelief. how can this be? it wasn’t supposed to be this way. blessed are you, fumbling around for […]

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permission to feel it all

I feel things big. And for the longest time, I felt so much shame because of it. I need reminders that my emotions are not bad or good. They’re just information. You feel angry because this is unjust. You feel sad because this is awful. You feel tired because this is exhausting. Your emotions are […]

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a blessing for courage

God, I have no idea what courage is or where to get any, but I really need me in my fear. blessed are we who say, God,fear is taking up too much space and I have little bandwidth left. if courage is a gift, then please give it.and it if is a thing for […]

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A blessing for that space of yes/and

blessed are you in the tiredness, the beauty of your grief,where half-closed eyes can better hold and rememberall that is somehow good. no contradiction here, no either/or,just two truths we wouldn’t otherwise have seen,let alone wanted to embrace. blessed are you, settling yourself therein the space of yes/and,where all that is true can be welcomednot […]

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a blessing for the safety of the people of Afghanistan

o God, we have seen the heartbreaking images of Afghan people in peril after its takeover by the Taliban. o God, send help in this grave hour. give justice to the lowly and the orphan; maintain the right of the poor and the destitute.  -Psalm 82:3                              God, you call us to more than “thoughts and prayers.”we must be […]

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