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Tony Hale: Gentleness for Our Awkward, Anxious Selves

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a blessing for caregivers

 blessed are wefor whom the call to loving action is still strong,whose every urge is to keep going, keep working,and not to count the cost. and yet blessed are we,beginning to notice that we are slowing down, inexplicably,or just pausing, staring for no reason,or starting something,but then quickly turning to another demand. blessed are we,realizing that we […]

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a blessing for waking up to Summer

A blessing for waking up to Summer Blessed are we, beginning to feel some release from pandemic constraints, from the long sad season of anxious vigilance, the boredom and frustration of plans deferred.  There is new ground appearing, and paths we didn’t know were there. We are thankful that vaccines have become for us the […]

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a blessing for a beautiful terrible day

a blessing for a beautiful, terrible day blessed are we who see the suffering, the damage done to body and spirit, the need that dares not hope. we who know what it feels like to languish. who live in the place where pain and joy meet. God, today both the beautiful and the terrible are […]

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a blessing for collective grief

God, we are blindsidedwhat we thought was impossible,even unthinkablehas brought us to our knees. God, things don’t make sense,the innocent still suffer,buildings still fall,families still grieve. help us to know what to feel,what to do,how to grieve—together blessed are wewho let reality inthough our bodies shudder.blessed are wewho ask and wait, and ask againfor answers […]

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a blessing for the dad in our life

O God, our hearts delight to bless our dads—those who have given us life, and those who have chosen a fathering role as mentors, teachers, advisors, step-dads, and foster-parents. Bless them all, God, those who are still here with us on earth, and those who have passed away. We lift them all to You with […]

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a blessing for a gentle summer

Blessed are we,coming into this summerof in-between. We are glad to shelter here awhile.where there can be some recoveryfrom all that our eyes have seenand our hearts have borne. We are wondering…what just happened? The tragedy on slow-release,the shock of sudden outrage,the variants of unusual size,the sweet sense that normalmaybe isn’t obsolete. We are wondering….what […]

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a blessing for the gift of doubt

Oh God, i long for understanding, but life is full of unanswered questions.God, reveal to me what I need to know and for all the rest….show me how to live with so much uncertainty. “My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I […]

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a blessing when you need permission to change

Here is a blessing when you need permission to change: Blessed are you, dear one, when the world around you has changed. Everything is different now. Your body, your age, your relationships, your job, your faith, the things that once brought you joy, the way you exist in the world. The people you love and […]

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a blessing for you who feel like the bad thing

Here’s a blessing for you who feel like the bad thing. You are everyone’s reminder of frailty, of life’s cruelty. Your chronic pain or depression or regular scans remind those around you that life isn’t as fair or easy as they had hoped. Blessed are you who try to hide your humanity. You who temper […]

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a blessing for you who lost too much too quickly

a blessing for you who lost too much too quickly. Blessed are you sitting among the shards of what could have been. It’s broken now, that dream you loved and it spilled out all over the ground. Blessed are you letting your eyes look and remember all the hope you once had. All the love, […]

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