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A Blessing for an Unfinishable Day

God, it seems that stopping is impossible. Dishes need to be washed.Kids need to be fed.Aging parents need to be cared for.Deadlines need to be met.Medicines need to be administered.Diapers always need to be changed.(They multiply if I sleep, after all.) Can you ease the burden of perfection? Free me from this fantasyof the better […]

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A blessing for around the table

God, awaken us to the everyday miracle of a simple meal.Whether it is take-out that took a phone call,a recipe that took an entire afternoon,or the cereal-for-dinner again feeling this meal creates,bless it all. So blessed are we, sharing a meal today.May we recognize God’s goodnessin the thoughtful preparation,in the delivering,in the eating together,savoring something […]

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A blessing for everyday empathy (because, hey, SENSITIVITY ISN’T A BAD THING)

Blessed are you, the sensitive one, attuned to the feelings of others.You couldn’t turn it off if you tried. Blessed are you with the emotional bandwidth to hear hard things,without fixing or minimizing or deflecting,You know the gift of presence. Blessed are you who chooses to show up without judgmentwith little gifts or small acts […]

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A Blessing for Collective Grief (when thoughts and prayers are not enough)

This world. Impossible. Unthinkable.  We are brought to our knees. God, today, there is no true north.And when I last checked, the sun did not rise at all. Today, the innocent still suffer,teachers still risk their lives,families still grieve. A world has ended without any reasonable fanfare. And we are sold the fantasy that nothing can be done.  Help us to know […]

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A Blessing For If You Are In Pain

Blessed are you on this pain-filled day.When getting out of bed deserves an award.When you can’t remember what it feels likenot to be so aware of your own body.When you arrange your weeks around limitations or side effects. Or when you stop telling the truth altogether about how badly it hurts,how scared you are of […]

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A Blessing for when you need to put one foot in front of the other

Oh God,the thought of trying for a new and improved me makes me tired.I am barely getting anywhere,so draw me closer to a different vision,one that sees that I don’t need perfection— I need love. Free me from the expectation that life should always be better.The everyday stressors—the bills, the pressure, the dependents,the existential fears […]

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A Blessing to Take What You Need

The feeder is empty againand no one is claiming that the birds are greedyfor taking what they pleased. Look at how the fat, pink flowersare weighing the end of each branch,sucking nutrients into each velvet petal.How selfish. Nature hungers, takes and needs.God, why can’t I? Blessed are we, learning to take what we need.Sleeping past […]

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A Blessing for Easter Sunday

An Easter blessing It is an astonishing thing to behold:That a seed falls, and entombed there in the damp earthit swells and cracks open, unfolding to reveala tender root searching downward,a bright shoot rising upward toward the light,becoming this material wonder we call a plant. Just so, the physical body of Jesus was entombed, hidden […]

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