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David Brooks & Kate Bowler: Never, Ever Enough

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a blessing for the life you have

Blessed are you whohold hope with an open hand.You who try not to fix your gazeon time’s far horizon orget drunk on what might yet be. And blessed are you whoavoid walking too far down memorylane, getting stuck wondering if thatwas as good as it gets,if you’ve peaked,or feeling resentful about all thathas disappointed before. […]

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a blessing for when you realize everyone is struggling

a blessing when you realize everyone is struggling blessed are you who have realized that life is hard. and it’s hard for everyone. your awareness came at a cost. you lost something you can’t get back. you were diagnosed with chronic pain or a degenerative disease. your family fell apart and things have never been […]

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a blessing for a chaotic season

blessed are we, the fearful. though we long to be people of peace, we can’t liewe are afraid. afraid there wont’ be enough – enough resources, enough time, enough memories. blessed are we who ask You for wisdom, show us what to turn from, what to set aside. come Lord, that we might see you, […]

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a blessing for the brave.

blessed are you, brave one. you who perform big courageous acts of sacrifice. the firefighters and military and activists and doctors and nurses and paramedics. you who move toward danger so the rest of us feel a little more safe.  blessed are you, brave one. you who do small acts of great love. the memory […]

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a blessing for learning to hold on and let go

let go, let it all go except, of course, when you can’t. living in the present is nice in theory. except when you are in let’s bless that tension, the push pull of wanting to let go, sometimes needing to let go, and also needing to hold on. God, sometimes it feels like a […]

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a blessing for life after loss

blessed are you, who feel the wound of fresh loss. or of the loss… no matter how fresh… that still makes your voice crack all these years later. you who are stuck in the impossibility. frozen in disbelief. how can this be? it wasn’t supposed to be this way. blessed are you, fumbling around for […]

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a blessing for the day we mourn our dead (All Saints’ Day)

today we are drawn into remembrance. the complexity of love and loss both warms our hearts and chills our bones. invisible connections are revealed just as the light of the sun illuminates the lines of a web, we see that our lives are connected to those who are no longer here. blessed are we who […]

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