10 Life Lessons I Will Finally Learn in 2018

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What is it about deep winter that makes us want to shed our natural insulation with new fitness routines or reorganize our pantry? Nevertheless, I embrace it. Long January dawns are great time for reflection on important lessons learned.

I’m committed to learning from the past. Here are 10 Lessons I Will Finally Learn in 2018. Hint: un-memorize your WIFI password.

Have Yourself a Happy Little Christmas

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Humans have survived because we are tribal and, man, am I grateful for mine. This season of true miracles is a love letter to my tribe.

People often remark on how well-loved I am. But the truth is, I am not unique. These good people love me well, yes. But these good hearts would do the same for anyone in need. They’re not going to let anyone be eaten by the saber-toothed tiger lurking beyond the fire circle. And that is why I love them.

My Christmas Party Addiction

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One of my favorite things about Christmas parties was that they helped me say something a little louder than usual: that I was so effing glad to be alive. Hope springs up in the gloom. Not everything is lost. Even if every horrible thing about empire and injustice and cancer cells is true, a little baby is still about to be born who will crack open the world.