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Complicated Grief and Complicated Love with

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No Cure For Being Human Gathering Guide & Discussion Questions


Well, hello there!

When I was first diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, all I could imagine was survival. But as I kept living, I had to start imagining a different, impossible question—but how do I live now? How do we move forward when there is no going back? No Cure for Being Human (and Other Truths I Need to Hear) is a memoir for all of us who understand that we are more limited than we have realized. Those of us who are trapped by fragile bodies, commitments, dependents, geography, money, and circumstances (also, perhaps, a global pandemic). Everything is no longer possible.

This is a guide to gathering for virtual conversation around the book, complete with invite template, group guidelines, and discussion questions. Use what works. Adapt what doesn’t. However you choose to use this guide, the invitation is this: let’s be human together. Because, together, we can learn how to build a beautiful life inside new limitations. Together, we can learn how to find hope and courage and beauty by setting aside the promises of self-help gurus and making peace with our beautiful, terrible finitude.

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