A Good Enough Lent Guide

Together, we’re going to take ourselves off the hook for perfection. Perfect lives. Perfect bodies. Perfect relationships. And realize that this is the beautiful work of being human… again today. Thank God we get to do it together.

Hello my dear,

We live in a world that loves it when we are shiny. But, when you are like the rest of us—which is to say—fragile and dependent, then Lent is made for you. Lent is that moment in the Christian story where we get to tell the truth: the world is capable of incredible beauty, but it can also be filled with so much suffering.

This year, I’m inviting our Everything Happens Community to give up on the idea that life is always getting better and settle in for a life and a faith that is good enough. I have created a free reflection guide that will lead us through Lent.  

The free reflection guide is meant to be used alongside our new book of spiritual reflections, Good Enough: 40ish Devotionals for a Life of Imperfection. Of course, you can just use this free guide by itself or just read Good Enough on its own, but you might find the most richness and depth when used together. It can be used by churches, book clubs, small groups, or by individuals.

Lent is a 40-day stretch of both hope and the reality of the brokenness in the world. Sometimes things are incredibly awful, and we need each other as we hunt for hope and make our way through. Because we are in this together, this whole human thing. So what do you say? Do you want to commit to a “Good Enough” Lent?

Enter your information below to receive A Good Enough Lent: Reflection Guide for free. 

Each day includes:

An entry to read in Good Enough

Scripture to read & reflect on based on that day’s theme

Reflection questions that are meant to be all-play—accessible whether you are practicing Lent solo or using this book with your church, in a book club, or around the dinner table with your family.

Good Enough

40ish Devotionals for a Life of Imperfection

A compassionate, intelligent, and wry series of Christian daily reflections on learning to live with imperfection in a culture of self-help that promotes endless progress.

Written gently and with humor, Good Enough is permission for all those who need to hear that there are some things you can fix—and some things you can’t. And it’s okay that life isn’t always better. In these gorgeously written reflections, Bowler and Richie offer fresh imagination for how truth, beauty, and meaning can be discovered amid the chaos of life.

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Good Enough: 40ish Devotions for a Life of Imperfection gives permission for all those who need to hear that there are some things you can fix—and some things you can’t. And it’s okay that life isn’t always better.
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Hi, I’m Kate. Let’s untangle our culture’s obsession with toxic positivity and self help, shall we?

I am a Duke professor, podcaster, and author with a single mission: giving you permission to feel human. (And letting you have whatever weird or boring hobbies you can’t explain to strangers. Do I love roadside attractions and exotic potato chip flavors? Yes. More than I should say.) 

I believe that the world would be a better place if we took apart the well-meaning clichés we use when life is hard. (What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Maybe what doesn’t kill you might try again tomorrow. 🙂 ) 

After years of being told I was incurable, I was declared cancer-free. But there’s no going back. I am forever changed by what I discovered: life is so beautiful and life is so hard. For everyone. 

My team at Everything Happens and I create free resources like this one with you in mind. We are determined to create a gentler world for everyone who wants to admit that they are not always “living their best life.” If that’s you, bless you. You’re in the right place.

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